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November public engagement events


Bonfire Night may be over, but the dazzling array of events funded by our Public Engagement awards shows no sign of fizzling out. Here’s a quick summary of what’s on over the next month.


The exhibition Re-Framing Disability: Portraits from the Royal College of Physicians, is now running at the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies, where it will remain until January 2012. Uncovering the extraordinary hidden histories behind 17th – 19th Century portraits of disabled people, many of whom earned a living exhibiting themselves to the public, this exhibition looks at the impact of these portraits today through contemporary responses from disabled participants.

Air Pressure, a sound installation about the last remaining farmer living at the end of the runway at Narita International Airport in Japan, is on at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester until 12 February 2012. Using sound recordings and film, it offers the audience an opportunity to experience life and work on this farm, and to address debates on the impact of aircraft noise on our well-being.

Cardboard Citizen’s stage production of Mincemeat, a wartime tale of hidden identity and deception, has been adapted for radio. It will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 at 8:30 pm on 13 November.

Zombie Science Z1, a live comedy show exploring the science of the undead, is running at 7:30 pm on 15, 16 and 17 November as part of the London Horror Festival. It discusses how a zombie outbreak might occur, what zombies would be like and – most importantly of all – how to stop them, by examining a variety of biomedical topics such as infectious diseases, virology and genetic modification.

Still on

Penny Dreadful‘s Etherdrome, a theatre work looking at the discovery of anaesthesia in 1850’s America, will shortly conclude its tour of the UK and Ireland. It’s at Jackson’s Lane theatre in London from 9 – 12 November.

Shock Head Soul by Simon Pummell, which had its UK premiere in October at London Film Festival, will be shown at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival from 3 – 13 November. It tells the story of Daniel Paul Schreber, who published ‘Memoirs of My Nervous Illness’ in 1903, one of the most remarkable studies of ‘madness from the inside’ ever written.

Primate Cinema – Apes as Family by Rachel Mayeri explores the inner worlds of chimps. Mayeri, who has been observing how chimps respond to cartoons, documentaries and feature films, has created a film especially for them. It’s being shown at Arts Catalyst in London until 13 November 2011.

The Anatomy Season from the Clod Ensemble, continues to run at various venues across London until 10 December. This programme uses performances, conversations and workshops to explore the relationship between anatomy and performance.

Abnormal: Towards a Scientific Model of Disability by Ju Gosling has been touring the UK and will be at the Hunterian Museum in London until 14 January. The exhibition uses digital imagery and installation to explore the social construction of disability. There is a free workshop on 11 November exploring the issues raised in the exhibition.

Going Dark is a new one man show developed by Sound&Fury exploring vision in the context of a planetarium. It is currently on a tour of the UK, finishing in London on 24 March 2012.

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden’s Medicinal Plants Trail is available to visit on an on-going basis. Visitors can borrow a ‘first aid kit’ full of body-based experiments to take with them on the trail.

Advance notice

Looking ahead to next month, Gina Czarnecki’s solo show opens at the Bluecoat in Liverpool on 9 December, which will include artworks from her projects Wasted, Contagion and Quarantine.

Many thanks to our Public Engagement Advisor Tom Ziessen and Arts Advisor Meroë Candy for the information.

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